Police Spokesperson, Frank Mba Issues A Very Vital Information To Victims On How To Preserve The Evidence Of Rape

The reporting of rape cases is very challenging in developing countries like Nigeria, especially when the victims report the abuse years later. Rape cases are the most difficult cases to prove in courts.

Police Spokesman, Mr Frank MBA is enlightening the public on how to preserve evidence of rape to help the victims get justice.

Appealing to the victims of rape, the police spokesman urges rape victims to resist the urge to take their bath immediately after they are raped because doing so may destroy important evidence needed to convict the rapist.

See what he wrote below…

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“Preserve all physical evidence after rape. Do not take your bath or change the clothes you wore during the rape incident. This may destroy essential components of evidence necessary to establish your case and convict the rapist.

Preserve all torn materials such as underwear, bras or other apparels. Similarly, all blood stained or seminal fluid-stained items should also be preserved.

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Personal items belonging to the suspects picked up from the scene should also be preserved. Where possible, the scene of rape also known as the scene of crime should be preserved to enable investigators review it in its uncontaminated form.”

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