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Dear MIMsters: Is My Husband’s Anger Towards Me Justified?

Is my husband’s anger towards me justified?

I bought a car 4 years ago after been transferred to a workstation that would take me 3 vehicles to access and after work, the earliest I would get home was at 9.30pm. Most off the buses would drop me off at somewhere where I still needing to board a taxi to get home since, it wasn’t safe.

My husband would be drinking nearby but not once did he accept to come pick me up. With a car, the journey was reduced to a 25 minutes drive.

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In April last year, my husband crashed his car. In May, I got transferred to a department which was very accessible by public transport and my employer would pay a taxi for me if I had to work in a different workstation. This is why my husband slowly took over my car. I had no problem with that initially.

Last year, I conceived and as the pregnancy progressed, using public transport became a nightmare. I was forced to use Uber most of the time. My husband never paid for my Uber and anytime I asked him to even drop me off to work, he would refuse.

Early this year, I noticed the car was past the service date. I asked him to take it for service and kept reminding him. He claimed to have taken it for service 2 weeks later but I was skeptical about it. On a weekend he traveled out of town, I needed to use the car and I found out at the petrol station that the filters and oil were black and needed to be replaced. Barely two weeks ago, he claimed he had serviced it. I called him and confronted him about it.

Then, he told me to service it and he would give me a refund. I ended up spending up to three times the usual cost of a regular service as I needed to replace brake pads, plugs and everything else. Of course, he refused to refused to give me a refund and I decided to hold my peace until my delivery.

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At the end of last month, his car was finally repaired, but he says that he wants to sell it to buy a better one, instead of riding it again. I have asked for my car back and he was quite reluctant to give it back. It’s almost like I took it by force.

Now, the guy is very upset with me. When my baby was born, I forcefully placed a car seat in it because he would always come up with excuses for not wanting to have a car seat in the car.

My question is: what exactly did I do wrong? Is his anger justified?

1 Discussion on “Dear MIMsters: Is My Husband’s Anger Towards Me Justified?”
  • You did nothing wrong dear, your hubby sorry to say is inconsiderate and wicked. Let his behaviour not disturb you one bit.

    Learn to fight for your rights and what you deserve, you know the right way to be treated demand it. You can only do so by being strong and using your brain instead of your heart.

    Remember you have a baby now, you cannot be jumping from me car to another with your baby when you have a car. Don’t let him use your car again because he will never stop and may never buy another one for himself if he sells his own.

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