Nigerian Physician, Dr. Val Sparks Outrage After Revealing What Comes To His Mind When He Sees Women In Their 30’s Coming For Fertility Treatment

A Nigerian doctor has thrown caution to the wind and social media users are now questioning his eligibility to practice his medical profession after he shared on twitter how he feels when women in their thirties walk into his office seeking a solution for their fertility issues.

The physician took to his Twitter handle, @evihal to say he has a compelling nudge to castigate such women, saying he can’t help thinking they were ‘slaying’ in their 20s and setting unachievable standards for themselves.

Read what he wrote;

“I can’t help but stupidly think stupidly when I see alot of women in their 30s in the fertility clinic for primary fertility .. I be like.. Oh u were slaying in ur 20s n giving standards yea.. Just look at you now..

.. I need to clean my mind.”

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While many users on the app called the doctor out on his lack of ethics, he did not seem worried. The same doctor had at a different time posted about how a rich 12-year-old patient of his promised to buy him a gift for his upcoming birthday, something he says all these ‘agbaya aunties’ cannot do.

He wrote:

‘I have a rich 12 yrs old female patient who cannot take her I.V drugs except her fine doctor (Dr Val) attends to her,

And she promised to buy me a PS4 on my birthday (feb 14). What all these agbaya aunties cannot do,

God is using a 12 year old.’

See screenshots below:

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