Twitter User, Farida Kabir Shares Amazing Story Of How Her Mother’s Third Marriage Turned Out To Be The Best She’s Had

A Twitter user named Farida Kabir has shared the beautiful story of how her mother has only just found love as a grandmother. Farida who is a mum herself revealed that at 27-years old, she is seeing a side of her mum she’s never before seen and it is a happy one.

She revealed that the man behind her mother’s happiness is none other than the latter’s first love, even though they have only just tied the knots after a decade and as grandparents after having been in different marriages before.

The story has gone viral and is enjoying a lot of goodwill from social media users because it is another happy ending. The story is even more amazing because according to Faridah, this is her mother’s third marriage and the one in which she has found true happiness.

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She describes how her mother and her husband dote on each other, and shared that the couple have kids and grandkids from their previous unions.

Read what she posted below:

“This is my mum’s 3rd marriage and I have never seen her this happy in my 27 years on this planet.I’m so happy it makes me want to cry. She finally married her first love after a decade, in old age, with grandkids.

If you see the way they do this love ehn, he follows her around, if he’s alone in his parlor & his kids aren’t around, next minute he’ll call her to come down. If she doesn’t, he’ll follow her up. They both are so happy. Old people love. Both of them have kids and grandkids

Today is her birthday by the way. Please wish her a happy birthday. I love you mama.”

See her original post below:

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