Dear MIMsters: Can I Use My Savings To Help My Husband Build Our House?

Should I trust my husband with this? I have been married for one year to the most amazing man ever. He has been there for me even before we started dating, during courtship and now marriage. My issue is can I use my savings to help my husband build our house?

I have had a half plot of land before I got married while my husband bought his plot, 3 months after our wedding. He has started working on the land as he wants us to move there in less than 2yrs. The issue is with the day to day running of the house, his school fees (he’s a working student) utility and other bills, the dream is not looking so realistic. I, on the other hand joined a monthly contribution and I have like 600k so far.

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My husband can get from the cooperative,  400k and our monies combined can do something on the uncompleted building. My husband is asking me to loan him what I have. I’m not worried about him paying back, I’m just concerned as to when. I have my own land too which I would like to develop in the nearest future.

Also, due to the stories I have heard about failed marriages and properties war, I’m skeptical. My husband is so nice and giving. Since I have been married, I haven’t spent a dime out of my salary except when I send money to my siblings and parents. He caters for everything from my clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, pocket money and family upkeep. He sends money to my brothers in school and give money to my parents also. He also paid for my masters programme while we were dating. I don’t know if I should go ahead and loan him or not because of stories that touch in the future since our marriage is still early and we have a long way to go and he may still be hiding his true character.

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