Dear MIMsters: I Made A Mistake With My Husband And Now I Am Paying The Price

I made a mistake with my husband and now I am paying for it.

My husband is based in a different country while I live in another. Our marriage is less than  months old. My problem is that my husband always seek validation from his elder sister before carrying out any small or big projects financial in my home, most especially certain things concerning funds.

His sister has to be part any financial dealings and purchases that I need to make. Situations where she cannot be involved, my husband would call her to verify the cost of a particular item before such items are purchased. He wasn’t always like this, he became like this when he noticed I was adding extra to the prices of things needed to be bought just to get some free cash to myself. I have apologised and sincerely promised never to do again.

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Even when I want to make clothes for myself, he will insist his sister takes me to the market where I can get a good fabric and would also use his sister’s tailor under the guise of assisting me to get something better. Peradventure that isn’t possible, he would demand the name of the fabric and then go and ask her for the price. When I send him a picture of the fabric, he would says no and insist on getting the name, obviously to go and ask her to verify the cost.

On certain occasions, after going to the market with her, and I forward the list of items bought to him with prices, he’ll send the list to his sister to verify the prices on the list.

Please mothers, how do I remedy the situation because it’s really breaking me. I have been thinking to stop making any financial request from him or should I just ignore his actions? I have complained and apologised for what I did wrong in the past but he keeps bringing his sister to the picture. Never mind, my sister in law live in two different neighbouring states.

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