From Drug Abuse To Depression, See How This Former Drop Out Overcame Her Challenges To Become A Graduate

A young woman has become internet sensation after sharing her inspirational story of overcoming some challenges she faced in the early years of her undergraduate degree to graduate with a good grade.

According to @dr.prettilla, she never saw herself graduating with a degree in pharmacy because she became depressed after her mother was diagnosed with cancer and eventually passed on. She sought succour in drugs, dropped out of school for over a year but resumed after she found God.

Affirming that she has now found her purpose, the Benson Idahosa University graduate expressed gratitude for getting a second chance and graduating with a Second Class Honors and a CGPA of 4.44.

Sharing her story on Instagram, the excited Nigerian woman wrote;

”Words wouldn’t be sufficient to thank the lord for this preservation,provision and understanding and wisdom that surpasses all human understanding.

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 At a point, I never saw myself graduating during my schooling at Igbinedion University Okada where I briefly studied pharmacy for 3 years but I couldn’t continue,I probated and my life came crumbling before my eyes,I became depressed!

Couldn’t tell my mom she had Cancer,I couldn’t tell my dad he was paying for chemotheraphy,etc,Didn’t want to break their hearts too. A year later or so, My whole world left me all alone in this world with a little sister to be responsible for, I couldn’t, I broke, I sought help from Drugs!

I started failing woefully, now I didn’t even bother going to classrooms. I dropped out! I stayed home for about 3 months before going for catering for the next 9-10months.

Fast forward, 2016/2017, I resumed this great school Benson Idahosa University, I found God at Dunamis and SCOAN started going to chapel, fellowship, working at the church, reading scriptures, Above only by Rev. Margaret Idahosa and Sermons from TB Joshua.

Now, I found purpose, I used Hab.2v2, I wrote the vision down and made it plain?? I resumed 2nd semester that year as a D.E student, so I had to take all my 1st semester courses+previously failed courses all at once in summer which was just 2-3weeks, I’m talking about 16 science courses here o (I’ll post results on my instastory).

It came out and As and few Bs (I said God this is all you) and it was like that till date Mind you, I lost a million and one friend and even family, I didn’t fright because I know what he had in store for me, eyes have not seen, ears haven’t heard and minds have never imagined and Indeed Today, I’m a Second Class Honors Upper Division Holder with a CGPA of 4.44.

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You might say what’s the big deal here but I died and was given a second chance at life so allow me brag about Christ and my degrees (M.Sc you’re up next).

Thank you Jesus. My life is indeed at testimony, Mama, I made it. Paid my dues in full. Special thanks to My Mom (My forever guardian).”

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