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“I lost my only child, I am single and it looks like menopause is around but… “-Nollywood Veteran, Eucharia Anunobi Shares How She’s Coping Despite The Odds

The loss of a child can be a life-altering and heartbreaking experience but somehow, Nollywood favourite, Eucharia Anunobi says she is keeping hope alive. The Nollywood veteran lost her only child, Raymond in 2017 and was visibly devastated at the time, but the actress cum preacher says that’s not the only tough reality she has had to put up with.

Speaking during an interview on TV Contential,  Eucharia said in spite of the loss she remains happy despite the challenges that have been a part of her life. The bereaved mum was a guest on TVC’s breakfast show, The View where she spoke about the role faith is playing in her resolution to stay happy.

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In a short clip shared by TVC on their Instagram handle, Anunobi said she does not see why people should emphatise with her faith in God has given her firm resolve to face her challenges.

Anunobi said:

“I have to be happy, because God tells me that, in all things, we should give Him thanks. And I cannot be saddened because when you grow in God…Growing in God is knowing God’s word and as you know God’s word, His spirit builds you up to the point where you understand that everything on the face of the earth is vanity.

“So, I would actually say, ‘Don’t empathise with me.” Rather, just like the Bible would say, prepare yourself, for calamity will surely befall all of us. So, when it does befall you. Would you be prepared…to carry it?

The actress added:

“For me, I rejoice. I’m happy. I lost my only child. I’m single and it looks like menopause is around the corner and people are like, ‘Oh my God, but she’s happy.’

I’m happy because God says, ‘I will do a new thing.’ God says ‘Restoration is in my hand.”

Anunobi lost her only son, Raymond to complications arising from sickle cell anaemia. He was aged 15.

Watch the video below:

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