Mum-Of-Two, Paula Leca’s Benevolence About To Be Rewarded Many Years After She Used To Give ‘Timid’ Cristiano Ronaldo Free Burgers

A married mum-of-two, Paula Leca has stepped forward to reveal her identity as of one of the three McDonald’s ladies that offered hungry Cristiano Ronaldo burgers as a youngster. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner commenced a search for ‘Edna’ and two other McDonald’s workers during an interview with Piers Morgan on ITV early in the week.

Ronaldo went on to recount how he joined other teammates at his boyhood club Sporting Lisbon to ‘visit’ a McDonald outlet near the stadium, and were usually offered food by Edna and “two other girls”, but never set eyes on them again.

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The 34-year-old hinted he was looking forward to having them come over Turin or Lisbon for dinner. Interestingly, on Thursday, September 19, Mexican mum, Paula Leca stepped forward to accept the footie star dinner invite, claiming she he was one of the three McDonald’s ladies.

“They would appear in front of the restaurant and when there were hamburgers left over our manager would give us permission to hand them over,”

The Mirror report quoted her as saying to Portuguese radio station Renascenca, even as she quickly added.

“One of the boys was Cristiano Ronaldo who was perhaps the most timid of them all. This happened almost every night each week. I still laugh about it all now.”

I had already told my son about it but he thought it was a fib because he couldn’t imagine his mum ever giving Cristiano Ronaldo a hamburger.

“My husband already knew about it, because sometimes he would go to pick me up from work at night and he also saw him.

It’s funny to go back now to something that happened so long ago. It shows his humility. At least now people know this wasn’t an invention. 

If he invited me out for dinner, I’d go for sure. The first thing I’d do would be to say thank you and during the meal we would have time to remember those times.”

Despite finding his way to the top and establishing himself as one of the world’s greatest footballer, Ronaldo still has regrets on his troubled family life with an alcoholic father.

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