Scary Story Of A Woman Who Was Almost Killed By Her Friend Will Make You Sceptical Of Some Friends

As we know every woman needs a friend as form of support structure for those times when the challenges of life become overwhelming and to also add value and spice to their personal lives but we shouldn’t forget that we live in a wicked world, where only God can be trusted as anybody can plot your downfall.

A twitter user @Quota_Dishes shared the story of her friend who was almost killed by another friend out of jealousy.

Read her tweet below…

”Mehn I’m in shock right now, things are really happening. My friend just called me and told me a shocking story. She said her friend came over to her house and complained that she was hungry so they went out to eat.

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After eating both parties went their separate ways. On getting home she found out she was having serious stomach upset, it became so serious that she was rushed to the hospital. Tests were carried out and they found out she was poisoned.

Her siblings went to the restaurant with policemen and tried to get the cook arrested, lucky for the restaurant they have a working CCTV. The owner suggested they all viewed the footage to confirm what really happened that night, only to find out that her friend poured a liquid substance into her food when she went to use the rest room.

That was how she was poisoned. Wetin cause am? According to her, the friend introduced her to her bestie that’s based in the abroad, who then fell in love with my friend and started sending her money.

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That got madam jealous and she planned to kill her. Now the bitch is on the run. I always tell people don’t leave your drinks or food to go ease yourself, if u do make sure you don’t consume them.”

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