Libya Returnee & Mum-Of-One Aisha Jimoh Who Survived On Her Menstrual Blood Tells The Painful Story Of Her Sojourn

The quest by Nigerians to flee the country in search of greener pastures is quite pulsating. Many citizens will do what they have to do to immigrate to more developed countries where they believe opportunities for a better tomorrow are promised. While chasing one’s dreams is envouraged, too many people become desperate or vulnerable targets for human or sex traffickers. This background makes the story of 31-year-old mum-of-one, Aisha Jimoh who fed on her menstrual blood to survive the harsh realities she faced while attempting to create a better future for her child and herself, even more touching.

In an exclusive interview with, the mum revealed that she thought life was difficult already but she experienced true hardship on her way to Libya. She narrated how she dropped out of Unilorin where she was studying English Language due to lack of finance and was frustrated until she met a man who suggested travelling abroad to her.

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According to the mother of one, the anonymous man introduced her to one Mr Jubril in Lagos when she lamented she had no money to travel. Jubril promised to help her get to Libya at no cost at all, however, she would pay up her travel cost of 300,000 naira as soon as she got there. He also told her that a job of 1000 dinar (100,000 naira) monthly will be given to her on arrival.

She further revealed to that the journey to Libya by road started with forty-seven others but only nineteen made it to the country, as many died from ill ventilation in the vehicle they were stuffed into. At the point they got to a desert, they were out of food and water and to stay alive, Aisha noted that she had to feed on her menstrual blood.

What survived me in the desert was my menstruation. I licked my menstruation. I used my hand to get the blood from my vagina and I was licking it. I’m telling you the reality. All the female who were passed through that place licked their  menstruation.”

On getting to Libya, she was faced with utmost disappointment when she met Jubril and was told the job awaiting her was prostitution. When she stood her grounds not to engage in the act and got in a thorough argument with him, she revealed that he beat her mercilessly, insisting that she wanted to play smart so that she won’t pay him. She revealed further that he locked her naked in a room without food or water for a week.

He told me that since he has been in Libya for 27years, he has never used any of his passengers for any other job than prostitution. The reason he told me personally is because he knows my parents are Christians and I am a born again Christian“,

Jimoh revealed.

Aisha’s daughter appeared to be critically ill.

Watch Aisha tell her touching story below:

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