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Chef, Iphie Alfred Shares Her Personal Encounter With A Married Dad-Of-Two To Tell Men That It Is Okay To Cry

A Nigerian chef identified as Iphie Alfred has shared a touching story to tell men that it is okay to cry. Iphie said she was going to the market when she saw a man on her way crying like a baby.

Just as she was deliberating if she should alight and find out what was wrong with him, the bike man carrying her asked the man to man up, noting that men do not cry.

Immediately, she alighted and went to meet the man to ask why he was crying. Sadly, his wife had died leaving two children in his care. One of them was sick and he was trying to hustle for money for his medications when his bike was seized by the police. Thankfully, help came and he was able to take care of his sick son.

Following this encounter, Iphie wants men to know that they are also humans and can cry when they want to.

Read her touching story below:

”Few days ago I was on a bike to Aswani market when I saw an elderly man in front of Aswani police station crying like a baby 😭

I wanted to pass and mind my business when the Okada man carrying me shouted at him “MAN UP, YOU ARE A MAN, NO DEY FUCK UP”

I got angry and asked him to drop me 😠. I paid him off and turned to go meet the crying man 😢
I already had tears in my eyes before I could reach him 😭😭😭😭

I hugged him like I have known him and he cried the more 😭😭😭😭. We both cried and people passing were just looking at us 😢

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I still haven’t asked him why he was crying but I wanted him to understand it’s OK to not be so strong.

A man in a Toyota jeep saw us and stopped, packed by the side and came to meet us to find out what was wrong 😢

His wife is late and left two little children for him 😢 one of the kids was seriously ill and he was trying to make some money to buy drugs from the local pharmacy when police stopped him and seized his bike for refusing to give them some money 😠😭

He cried telling his story, explaining that he didn’t have any money on him and will settle them on return but they seized his bike and that day was the second day 😢

His son gets more sick by the day and he can’t do anything but look at him and cry 😭😭😭

The man asked if I was related to him and I said no I just saw him crying and wanted to comfort him and find out whats wrong.

Together we went back to the police station, the man asked him how much were they demanding and he said 3000. He gave him the 3000 to give them and they released his bike 😠.

He almost laid down on the floor in appreciation… He also gave him an extra 7k to get meds for the son 😊. We both thanked him and he drove off.

The bike man insisted I follow him to know his place and help take his son to Isolo General hospital.

Luckily we were attended to immediately, I gave him the money I wanted to use and buy stuffs at Aswani market, he was so grateful and told the nurses to help thank me 😊.

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I was happy I was able to help. Almost every evening after work I intentionally drop at the bike stand where he and other bikers wait for passengers just to patronise him 😊

He will let out a big smile and we will gist till he gets to my gate 😃. I invited him and his kids to come around on Sunday for lunch, he promised to come.

I can’t wait to have them around 😍

Dear men,

It’s OK to cry
It’s OK to feel bad
You are human
You are not stones
I appreciate you all and all the little things you do for us all….

God bless all Men 😍😍😍😍.”

Few days ago I was on a bike to Aswani market when I saw an elderly man in front of Aswani police station crying like a…

Posted by Iphie Alfred on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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