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Sex For Grades: Twitter Influencer & Dad-Of-Two, Wale Gates Recounts How A UNILAG Lecturer Pestered His Married Classmate For Sex And Repeatedly Failed Her Until…

Following the BBC ‘‘Sex for Grades” documentary that was launched today, Twitter influencer and dad-of-two, Wale Gates has joined the multitude of Nigerians who are sharing their experiences or that of others to buttress just how prevalent the sex for marks reality is in nigerian universities.

The dad-of-two took to his Twitter handle to tell the story of a married classmate of his who caught the eye of a randy lecturer in UNILAG years ago. According to Gates, the randy lecturer whom he identified as Dr. Bolodeoku repeatedly failed his married classmate who was also a mum at the time because she failed to yield to his sexual advances.

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Reporting the randy man to the school authority was also not an option at the time because according to Gates, the Bolodeoku was a notorious pervert whose shady antics was not hidden from the institution’s authority at the time.

Gates narrated that, the lecturer was forced to back off eventually, after the lady in question involved her husband who threatened fire and brimstones.

Read his Twitter thread below:

“Let Unilag Authorities tell u why Dr Bolodeku was finally finally sacked. This man stood infront of a lecture room, pointed at a lady & said she gave him STI. when he was reported to the authorities after a LONG time. His ‘punishment’ was he shld always leave his office door open. Did that stop him? Hell…No!

He kept failing this married mother in my year, she kept repeating his course. When we graduated she obviously cldnt, he wanted 2sleep with her. She refused & told 2her husband. Her husband came 2see him, story was he even offered Bolo money & begged. But Bolo still wanted her P

You wld think d moment her husband got involved this yeye lecturer will back off & ve sense. But no, he had gotten so confident over d yrs that he was sure d authorities cant do anything 2him. She informed her husband again abt his new sexual advances & he raised HELL from HELL

Btw Bolodeoku aka Bolo wasnt alone in this, he wasnt friends with other lecturers so dy were ok sacrificing him for something dy also did. In his initial Uni disciplinary hearing, Story was Bolo stood infront of d panel & told them dy also sexually harassed students with receipts

Everyone knows Unilag Guest House na Coldroom, Na Slaughter House for Lecturers. Probably why lecturers hated seeing Male students there.

Dr Bolodeoku was also the Econometrics Lecturer and Economics Maths (I think), the courses he lectured were prerequisite courses, so he had enormous power so you couldn’t just “avoid” him and he was TERRIBLE lecturer (ask around) Him & the H.O.D hated each other.”

See the original thread below:

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