Young School Girls’ Account Of How They Were Sexually Abused & Raped Is Instructional For Parents | MUST READ

A Nigerian lawyer, Temitope Odeyinka has shared a really disturbing stories of how young school girls were sexually abused at home by family members or church members without their parents knowing about it.

According to Odeyinka, her mother, who owns a school organised a seminar for young girls where they talked about rape and sexual harassment and when some of the girls started responding, she was shocked and sad as they gave their different accounts.

The girls, except one revealed that they had nobody to talk to about the abuse, so, they kept it to themselves. Odeyinka noted that the girls were below the age of 10.

In her note to parents, Odeyinka urged every parent to build a good relationship with their children so that they can easily talk to them.

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Read what she said below…

”Parents please speak to your children let them know they can always tell you anything. My mom organized a seminar for the young girls in her school and had someone talk to them about rape and sexual abuse, when these girls started responding, she was shocked and sad.

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Some of them have been sexually harassed/abused at home by family members or church members, these are girls that are below the age of 10, only one of them told her mom when it happened, the others kept it to themselves.

The saddest was a child whose mom took a bike, made her seat in front of the bike man while her mom was behind and she described that the bike man fingered her all through the journey but she never told her mom.

Please parents, let your kids know that they should tell you everything that goes on with them, very important.”

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