Perri, Wife of BBNaija Star, Mike Edward Talks How She Survived 99 Days Without Her Husband

Wife of the first runner-up and last man standing of the recently concluded Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season four edition, Mike Edwards Olayemi has opened up on what she went through emotionally during the whole 99 days her husband stayed in the Big Brother House.

In a recent interview Perri Shakes Drayton, the British Olympian athlete and TV personality, admitted it was a real test for her as they only just got married in May and he had to be off to the House three weeks later. Perri also opened up on different issues about her wedding to Mike and their relationship so far.

Speaking on her thoughts when Mike was leaving for the Big Brother Naija and was to stay for 99 days, Perri said:

“It was really hard that I wasn’t going to see my husband for 99 days and I didn’t even realise he made it into the house and I was like, wow, this is going to be harder than I thought. A long time without my husband and we were newly married.”

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On their marriage:

“We got married May 23 this year and three weeks after then my husband travelled to Nigeria and he had to stay in the Big Brother House for 99 days. Although many have celebrated Mike for his conduct in the house, I never thought anything different would happen at any point.”

If she felt threatened at any time throughout his stay in the house:

“I didn’t feel threatened; I couldn’t have felt that way because I know him and the kind of person he is.”

even when some of the ladies did some things or dressed in certain ways?

“Yes, there was no such thing as a threat or thinking that he could be tempted but I did see some things and I felt ‘Huh, what’s going on here?’ But then I trust my husband, he is a good looking young man but I trust him absolutely.

You guys are even talking about whatever happened inside the Big Brother house. I am talking about outside the house where I’ve had more of that. I have seen people trying to claim my husband and I will be like ‘no, no, no I can’t share, Mike belongs to me,’ Perry. Okay.

But I know it was all love because my husband demonstrated being a real man, he did have some funny expressions on his face sometimes but it didn’t happen beyond that point and I am so proud of my husband.”

On the reason she fell in love with the ‘Pepper Dem’ gang member, Mike’s wife said her husband is a gentleman…

“Mike is a gentleman, the reason I fell in love with him is because he was so much about me, he opens door for me, I have never had that before because I was an independent woman and I was doing everything myself, so I had to kind of step back and allow my heart feel something.

Mike is nice guy he takes care of me and he will always support anything I do, he just wants to see that I’m happy. And sometimes he cooks for me, he loves cooking a lot and he sometimes cleans the house, he is really a good guy,” she added.

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Now that he is talking about staying in Nigeria, how are you going to cope with that?

I am going to be around much because I understand he wants to grow his business here. I am of Jamaican background but I have Nigerian friends in the UK so this culture is nothing new to me.

I have seen it, I know it and I love the music, the people and I am Nigerian now because my husband is from here.

We talked about his coming and everything because no matter what I am doing, he has got my back and whatever I am doing, I’ve got his back also and what we agreed when he wanted to go in is for him to be himself.

And I am not surprised that people are showing him love like this because he can go anywhere and be part of any crowd, black or white, it doesn’t matter and people would love you if they would.

My husband wants to stay here, he would surely be getting a place and since that is the case I will be here by his side many times even though I have a life in the UK.

The guy who made the expensive ring he gave you also made for music star, Davido. So what would you say is the most expensive thing he has bought for you?

My dream car is a G Wagon, it’s funny but my husband knows. But then it is not even about the most expensive gift or not. I am a woman of expensive taste, I can’t buy my stuff myself, I don’t expect my husband to treat me to expensive things.

I am rest assured he is going to help me grow and that will inspire me to have my own brand like he does. That is it for me, to have my own because I am a businesswoman like my husband.

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