Dear MIMsters: Why I Do Not Think I Will Ever Be Able To Date Again

I don’t think that I can ever date again.

I am 28. Late last year, I met a guy who lives in my Estate. I have always avoided going into any relationship with someone living close by because I worry about how I would cope if things don’t turn out well.
He started asking me out in December. I didn’t accept until this year March. I accepted because he is way older than me. He’s 43.
I refused to get intimate with him until early June. Then he started saying he would like me to get pregnant for him and that he was ready for marriage. I was worried, but he assured me that he is ready.
Fast forward to August, I took in and he was happy. He told me that in a week, I should for another test at a hospital but before the end of the week, he started talking about not being ready. Complained his company has not paid him and sacrifices have to be made. We had a heated argument, and he told me he no longer wants to marry me and after I give birth, he will come for his child.
I was very pissed and confused and things were not going well at home. There was no way I could bring up a child myself, so I ended up having an abortion, something I regret as I really wanted the child.
We broke up and three weeks later, he now has another woman living with him and from what I hear, she’s pregnant. I am so sad. I don’t see myself going into any relationship soon because this pain is not something that I can overcome easily.
It took a lot of people to help get me back on my feet after this break up and I no longer have any trust in any man. I have been asking myself, what did I do wrong? Why would someone play with another person’s feelings without any remorse? I got really depressed, but I’m better now.
The thing is don’t think I can date again.
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  • Healing comes with time. Don’t give up, and if you are a believer in Christ, pray about it. God’s speed with your healing and the restoration of joy.

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