30 Years After, The Oseis Renewed Their Marriage Vows & It Holds A Beautiful Message To Singles Scared Of Getting Married

The length of a marriage does not mean that both couples had a good and happy life together but looking through the video of this Nigerian couple, Mr & Mrs Osei’s marriage vow renewal, one would know that they have a good marriage.

30 years after, with four children, Comfort and Henry stood before close friends and families to renew their vows again. Staring into each other’s face with smiles playing on their lips, though elderly, the lovebirds looked like little children in love.

“I’m standing here today letting you know that every morning waking up with you makes everything complete. Anytime I’m at work having problems, some difficulties, I usually walk by the walk over and make some phone call to you and by just hearing your voice, it makes everything right and all the problems just goes away,” Mr Osei said to his wife as their well wishers cheered them on.

“From the day I met you in school, I knew you were the one for me,” Mrs Osei said to her husband.

Their children stood as their bridal train and they testified to their parent’s love for each other. One of their daughters said:

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“They always make sure to put each other first above anything else.”

The Oseis have actually come a long way and their marriage vow renewal is a testimony to single men and women that some marriages are still working.


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