“My uncle’s wife took away my looks…” – Acid Attack Survivor, Obanye Francess Inspires With Her Moving Story

Obanye Francess, an acid survivor has taken to her Instagram page to share her touching story so it could serve as a source of inspiration for many other victims.

Francess’ face was disfigured after her uncle’s wife doused it with acid when she was a child, but the survivor said that has not stopped her from being happy in life.

Sharing pictures of her happy self on her Instagram page she wrote:

“Don’t be a silent victim ..learn to share your story..you might find out you are not the only 1 as you thought..mostly you might learn how to walk freely in that situation … yes I was poured acid by my uncles wife.

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Yes she took away my facial looks,

But she didn’t stop me from been me!

But above all I refused to give up,

I refused to hide me myself from people,

I choose happiness,

I kept on being that little sweet girl I was then and now!

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If you are living with a scars and you are so scared of facing people.. let this face right here help you make decisions…..

Say no to acid attack..

17th November.”

Even though she confesses to never feeling emotionally depressed, Obanye has had her fair share of challenges that comes with looking different from others.

She once shared how she rose from being a victim to being a victor via Facebook.

Some years back I became a victim of acid bath. I wasn’t too bothered cos I was still tender, I stayed at d hospital for like a year and six months, I came out I had to face d world with d help of my parents, I started school. People will see me, they will be scared. It was quiet challenging.

I will ask myself, will I make it wit this condition? My sweet mum will encourage me, ‘swt hrt u will make it.’ I will smile and be happy, at least I will make it but my fear was, ‘will I be beta?’ she will tell me I will.

I entered sec school I paired with people. Some will like to relate with me, while some won’t still. it did not stop me from moving on. Some will ask, ‘does she have a boyfriend? Do u know y, cos they feel no one will love her with a scar on her face. I will laugh still I moved on. People were asking many questions about me cos I amaze people.

It’s God’s grace at work in my life, D funniest of all is that my enemies did not know I will move on this big and I will surprise them making it bigger and letting d whole world know that, having a scar on your face doesn’t stop u from shining.
#Proud of myself #
#come into my world and experience a real happiness #”

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