Women Who Have Faked Their Pregnancies Share Their Shocking Reasons For Doing So

Ever wondered why some women would fake a pregnancy? Well here you have your answers as shared by WHISPER. Some are hilarious while others are unbelievable.

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A woman wrote: I pretended to be pregnant because the guy lied about having a fiance.

A second woman wrote: I pretended to be pregnant so my boyfriend would stay with me. He ended up cheating.

A third woman shared: After three years, my boyfriend and I started growing apart. I faked a pregnancy scare so he  would pay attention and be closer to me. It worked.

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A fourth woman wrote: Freshman year of college, I faked a pregnancy for a week to see if my ex would care. I was so desperate. He slid $500 under my door for an abortion.

Another woman added: I lied about being pregnant so many times because I really just wanted a baby.

A sixth woman shared: I pretended to be pregnant to get my traffic ticket dropped.

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Another wrote: I pretended to be pregnant because I was ashamed of getting fat.

A woman wrote: I faked a pregnancy… and a miscarriage just so my boyfriend would propose to me.

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