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Budding Actor & Ex-BBN Housemate, Rico Swavey Gives His Take On What Makes For Real Beauty In A Woman

Ex-BBNaija 2018 housemate and actor, Patrick Fakoya aka Rico Swavey, during a chat with Sunday Scoop gave his take on what makes for real beauty in a woman. He shared on his career, handling the attention of his female fans as well as his thoughts regarding the growing trend of cosmetic surgery among women.

On keeping female fans in check, the suave Fakoya said;

“I have had weird experiences with female fans but it’s not something I can share. I recall that a particular female fan was trying to go beyond the normal interactions. I would have with a female fan and I had to manage the situation.”

Sharing his opinion on cosmetic surgery, the multi-talented entertainer said,

“If I need to do anything on my body, I would probably go to the gym.  As per cosmetic surgery on a woman, I think the real beauty of a woman lies within her, not on the outside.

You can attract me with your physical qualities but what do you have to offer beyond that? Real beauty lies on the inside.”

On life after BBNaija, Swavey said,

“It’s been great coming out of the BBNaija platform and pushing towards my expectations in life. Right now, I am on the popular television series, Tinsel, and I’m also working on some musical materials.”

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