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Nigerian Writer, Praise George Advises On What Should Come First For Women Who Desire Both Marriage & Career

A Nigerian writer by the name Praise George has called a big lot of single women in Nigeria ‘lost’. According to the opinionated author, a lot of women have degrees but have no capacity to discern good from bad. His high-handed views came with points with which he backed up his claims.

According to George, taking up a job that allows you to travel often as a woman who desires a family is an indication that such a woman has no sense. In his argument, money and career success can never replace a loving spouse and family, the appropriate thing therefore, would be to get married first and then look forward to career afterwards.

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George who took to Twitter to share his high-handed views also opined that ‘angry feminists are brainless morons who follow the herd’.

He shared:

”Some women have degrees but they have no sense. You want a family, but you take a job where you always travel. How will you meet a good man and get married? Money can never replace a loving spouse and family. Don’t be rich and single at 50. Get married. Then face your career.

From the comments under this tweet, so many single women are lost. And an unsuspecting single man will fall in love with and carry such calamity into his home. May God deliver men from the hands of feminists.

Angry feminists are mostly brainless morons who follow the herd. They do whatever their manipulative cult leader suggests without thinking. If they understood my tweet they would have realised I wasn’t speaking to them. I was speaking to good women who desire to get married.

Dear Single Men, 99% of feminists are misandrists who have zero plans of getting married. If by a cruel joke of fate they get married, they will never settle down with a man. They are restless, angry, bitter, vengeful souls. May God deliver you from their hands”

See his original post below:

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