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Dad, Chef Dom Says He’s Almost Out Of Tears After A Rude Awakening Separated Him From His Son

An American chef, Chef Dom, has taken to social media to share the touching story of how his much coveted relationship with his toddler son changed unexpectedly.

When Chef Dom and his partner welcomed their son earlier this year, the chef was clearly over the moon to be a dad for the first time at his much advanced age.

The mother of his child however walked out of their lives when the baby was only a month old, since then,  Dom happily single handedly cared for his child until family stepped in to help at four months old.

It’s nine months since the birth of the lad and Dom had weaved his dreams around his child only to discover that the little boy he called son and has been raising alone for 10 months isn’t his.

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According to his posts, the chef shared that he recently just found out that he isn’t the biological father of the child he had doted on so much. He has now been mandated by the court to hand the boy over to his biological father. Dom shared that he feels so hurt, and has cried so much that it feels as though he has run out of tears.

The separation made his aged mother shed tears and basically ruined the perfection that his family’s life was before the rude awakening.

Chef Dom wrote;

First of all I will like to thank every single person who have hell me raised this young little angel from God… you guys have seen him grow from day one.

His mother left us when he was a month old and for nine months I raised him up to the best of my ability. It was not easy raising him alone but I had lots of help. His baby sitter never charge me a day of his life. She calls him her grandson.

Than my parents came when he was 4 months my parents came back and stepped up and love this boy with all their heart ??. He changed all our lives forever. My sister every morning put out clothes for him before she goes to work like it was her son.

So today went to court and was ordered to return to his biological dad .. come to find out I was not his dad so I have by Thursday to bring him back like a rented toy to his dad.

Yes I’m heart broken and hate the world  or her for doing this and destroyed my family and the dad family. This shit hurt like hell but I know I got the support of people out here. I’m sorry I broke my family heart and I do hope he’s in God hand and will forever be my son. Best 10 months of my life

Woke up thinking it was a nightmare but reality setting in this will be the last full day I got with him. He made me grow up at my old age lol. I can’t lie I do have hate for his mom right now but I have to focus on him and be thankful for the 10 month.. it’s so crazy Friday when I give him back he will be 10 months exactly.

I was looking forward to his first thanksgiving, Christmas and omg the biggest 1st birthday party January 22nd which I was going to cater for free lol…. that’s the part that hurt. I will be with him today if anyone want to see him just let me know and I appreciate everyone kind words and prayers… almost out of tears”.

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