Can You Hold Your Baby Too Much? | Find Out Here

Not a few mums have been told that cuddling or holding their baby ‘too much’ can make the baby clingy, cranky and unwelcoming towards other people than their mothers, but is that an absolute truth? Part of the argument is that cradling your baby too much could cause them to get overly used to your particular touch and smell, which in turn could pile up your stress because your baby doesn’t want to be held by anyone else. A new study, however, shows that there’s no such thing as ‘cuddling’ your baby too much.

Experts say cuddling your baby (early and often!) has huge benefits when it comes to brain development, especially for preemies. That’s major good news for mums with that one friend or family member who likes to scold them for “spoiling” their babies by holding them too often.

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According to the study, you can’t EVER cuddle your newborn too much. And in fact, touch is crucial to a baby’s development and actually has some pretty major benefits when it comes to brain development. Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio observed 125 premature and full-term infants to see how they responded to gentle touch and here’s what they found;

Premature babies were more likely to have a reduced response to touch than the full-term babies. And the preterm babies who had more exposure to painful medical procedures were also more likely to have a reduced response to touch.

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