iROKO TV Boss, Jason Njoku Explains Why How You Dress Doesn’t ‘Smoothen Your Path To Success’

Dad-of-three and the co-founder/ CEO of IrokoTV, Jason Njoku is of the opinion that a person’s dressing does not in any way determine the level of success he or she can attain in life.

In a twitter thread posted on his timeline, the Nigerian entrepreneur, film magnate and African start-up investor said what matters most to any investor is the value an individual brings to them and not necessarily how they appeared outwardly.

Read his tweets below…

”Dress how you want. Banish the belief it will smoothen your path to success. That’s straight up stupidity. I know many Nigerians who investors (myself included) have beat a path to their door to invest. Iroko raised $3m in 2011 from Tiger Global from my apartment in Festac.

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When investors came. Iroko was doing $70k/mth gross revenue (incl YouTube share) with 30-35% profits. We didn’t need them. was in the Calabar when I convinced him to relocate to Lagos. He lived in my apartment. Our first msg from almost 8 years ago.

In that first $3m fund raise I met Jim Ovia in his office to talk about a potential co-investment in a tee shirt + jeans. In the end we went with Tiger Global. You either have something valuable or not. It’s that simple. If you don’t. Package away and fool people.

I was talking to about this the other day. He too has embraced the casual comfort approach. As a public official there are definitely obligations to appearance. But as a mere civilian don’t feel the pressure to not be you. Value is value. Fiercely focus on driving that.

Had this same conversation with in Dubai about how easy it is to fool Nigerian about wealth. It’s so easy because in Nigeria people believe in only what they see. Most of the people I know whom have exited their companies and personally made $50-100m dress simple.”

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