Twitter Users React In Shocking Disbelief At Viral Video Of New & Instant Skin Bleaching Procedure In Lagos (Watch)

Twitter users are reacting with disbelief after a shocking video showing a woman undergoing an extreme procedure to bleach her skin surfaced online. Despite repeated warnings from local and international regulatory bodies urging Nigerians and the women in particular to desist from skin bleaching, not much has changed.

Rather than be warned, the demand for skin-whitening products is at an all-time high, while business-minded folks who have no professional training to do so are ‘mixing’ creams to meet the demand of a fair-skin obsessed populace.

In the viral video, the woman getting the procedure can be seen laying half naked in a bathtub filled with water probably mixed with powerful chemicals, while an attendant can also be seen effortlessly peeling off the dark skin and revealing a much whiter complexion on her legs.

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In September, The Local Government Association (LGA) in the United Kingdom warned consumers to steer clear of skin lightening creams that can “act like paint stripper’, stating that skin-lightening creams which contain banned ingredients can pose a serious threat to consumers’ health.

The attendant in the video described the procedure as “Instant whitening wash’ for a meagre N30,000.

Watch the video:

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