Dear MIMsters: Should I Leave My Children Behind For This Golden Opportunity?

Would you advise me to leave my children behind for this golden opportunity?

I am married and we have two boys, a 6 year old and a 20 months old. The issue is, I am not happily married. I have also been abused, cheated on, treated as shit and intimidated by my husband.

His family doesn’t like me. Due to our many fights, his family believe that I’m still putting up with him because of my little children. There has been no peace of mind with him since I got married to him six years ago.
He is physically and verbally abusive, so I decided to move on realised that I had no means of survival.
I haven’t had a job in almost 4 years. I searched and now, I have found one. The Nigeria police shortlisted candidates for 2019 recruitment and I have been asked to resume for training which is going to last for 6 months.
My family has given me their support because they know how much I’ve suffered. At the same time, I do not want to go because I am afraid to leave my 20 months old son who’ll be 2 next year behind. I’ve been crying because this boy loves me so much and I so love him too.
I’ve told my husband that I will be going for the training. He says that he is happy that I am leaving his life and he’ll now be free. He said that he’ll ask his mother to come and take care of the boys. I am happy with this because his mother will take good care of them as I would have done. I’m rest assured of their safety with her.

Now my problem is, I can’t seem to take my mind off my kids as I’ve never left them for so long before. This makes me cry. I want to know, should I go for my training or stay back? Friends and family think this is a good opportunity to secure a good future for myself and the kids, is it?

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  • I hope you know that you can be posted to any part of the country after your training. You may never be posted any where close to your children. I don’t think this job is worth leaving your children for. Look for other jobs that will make you be with your children. They are your gain in this marriage.

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