Kate Henshaw Has A Message For Mums Who Buy Unverified Products To ‘Glow Their Babies’

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has a message for mums who buy unverified products to ‘glow their babies’.

Skin bleaching is a culture that is prevalent amongst Nigerian women and as the ugly trend continues to thrive, more women have extended their obsession for lighter complexion to their babies. A lot of Nigerian mums considered it safe to turn to anti-fungal creams as a more discrete approach to lightening their babies’ skin,  read more here.

This bleaching menace has now taken a more dangerous twist where mums buy unverified skin products from social media merchants, who advertise their products with promises of glowing skin for babies.

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Actress, Kate Henshaw reacted to the trend via her Instagram handle, asking mothers to leave their babies out of their “madness”, adding that babies shouldn’t get bleached. She described such outlook on life as women transferring their self-loathing problems to their children.

She wrote:

“This is where I draw the line!!! Selling all sorts of unverified products to mothers telling them to glow their babies with a flawless shower bath!!What is this self loathing that you want to transfer to children?? For 20k or 30k you want to destroy a future for aesthetic value??”

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