Dear MIMsters: How My Husband And I Went From Being Broke To Abundance

This is my story of how my husband and I went from being broke early in our marriage into abundance.

I courted my husband for 3 years before we tied the knot. During courtship, we got our land.

My hubby does not come from a rich home. As a matter of fact, he struggled to support himself through university for his first degree and Masters. I, on the other hand, am from a rich background.

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I must say my that husband has always been a purpose driven man who is always on the go while I’m a bit laid back and must be pushed to achieve something. But that changed after I met him because I knew if we had to flow well, I must be smart and become a go getter like him.

So while courting, we talked about getting married and purchasing a land. We eventually bought our land in a beautiful location in Abuja, and trust me, that was all he had.

He had emptied his savings just to get the land. I signed as a witness and the following year, we got married.

Our wedding was not so big as many thought it would be, since we had agreed to save cost and start building on the land instead of spending on a big wedding. Money came in form of wedding gifts,together with the money that was sprayed on us when we danced.

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Immediately after the wedding, we used these monies to start the foundation on our land. I also got pregnant immediately after our wedding.

Life became quite tough because my hubby was practically using his salary to build the house and after we gave birth successfully, as you may know, baby expenses started piling up.

Our situation got so bad that it became necessary to cut all expenses to focus on feeding alone. I took in again and we had our second baby, and our situation worsened.

In the real sense, it’s impossible to build a house with your salary and still pay rent, school fees, feed a family of four and pay all other bills. I just kept on assuring my husbaning and God always came through for us.

Meanwhile, I was job hunting but the job never came. I decided to focus on my small business that brought in an added income home.

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God came through for us also by using different contractors and suppliers my hubby had worked with to bless us with different materials even without asking.

Last month, we finally moved into our beautiful home.

Looking back, I remember at all the times we cried and felt like backing out, and selling the uncompleted building because we couldn’t think of how we could raise the money to finish a four bedroom duplex, but God did it for us eventually.

Today, my parents accord my husband with so much respect. As a matter of fact, when my dad came to Abuja for a case, he visited us and my hubby took him to our site. My dad was so happy with my hubby.

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When my father returned home, he credited my husband’s account with a huge sum of money and told him he is proud of him.

This brought tears to his eyes. His Father died this year and never got to see the house his son built. The painful thing is that he keep it a secret from his parents all these years so he could surprise them when he gets to take them to see it when completed. But fate played a fast one on us.

God also blessed me with my dream job that comes beautiful pay as we moved into our new house.

Now, my husband can rest while I spend silly on him because he really took care of us and carried the family well when I didn’t have a job.

Please help me say, “Thank You Jesus!”

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  • It is heartening to hear such joyful stories in spite of all the stress and strifes we all go through. The Lord Jesus Christ just keeps coming with his wonderful surprises.

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