Dear MIMsters: This Is What Happened When I Dared Grace And Told Hubby What Happened Between His Brother & I

Hello, good people. Thank you for your counsel when I asked for it. Know that I am giving you this feedback with joy. This is because contrary to my fears, I dared Grace and did what some of you asked me to do and it ended well for me.

Please read my original story here.

When we returned to IB, Ejiro asked me why I was jittery all through his sister’s wedding after speaking with Grace. At that close range, I couldn’t hide it from him any longer. I burst into tears and apologized for keeping it from him. I told him I would be okay with any decision he takes after hearing what I had to say. Then I spilled everything to him.

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To my utmost shock, he said he knew about it. He said when Ladi and Tega had issues back in school, their mum had had to intervene, and even though neither of them was bold enough to tell her the main reason for their disagreement, Tega had told him much later in confidence. He said Tega had told him Ladi was unfair to the girl in question and that if not for “brother codes”, he would have gone after the girl.

He said the day he took me home to meet his family, he had drawn Tega aside to ask him how he knew me. He said he had reminded him of the issue and told him to let the past stay in the past. He said that was why he had asked me on our way back to IB if there was anything he needed to know and that he was hurt that I lied to him. He said he was going to stay away from me after I lied to him but that Tega prevailed on him not to lose me. He said his brother had called me a good thing that should not be lost.

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He said the worst Grace can do is to tell MIL but that he would handle it. Instantly, he placed a call across to Tega, and briefed him about what transpired between Grace and I. Tega asked to speak with me. He apologized for his wife’s unruliness. He reminded me that on that very day back in Ife, Grace was just on her way out when I rushed in in tears. He said as at then, Grace was a good friend of his and Ladi’s. He said he never told her what transpired between us but that he was certain Ladi must have told her. He apologized again, on her behalf and told me he would speak with her.

You know, everything just reassured me that I married a good man. And I am grateful for that. Henceforth, no more secrets between us. What the enemy meant for evil, has turned around in my favour. Thank you, MIM for this platform. Your readers are the real MVP.

Now, I can breathe fresh air!!!

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