Dear MIMsters: My In-Laws Have Levelled This Grave Accusation Against Me And I Don’t Know What To Do

What do you do when a grave accusation has been levelled against you?

I got married in May, 2017. My husband had little or nothing but he is a very hardworking man. As newlyweds, we drank garri with salt and slept on empty stomachs.
Now, things are much better our businesses are growing. In October 2017, hubby traveled out.
My MIL and I were best of friends or so I thought until my husband’s younger brother got married this year when everything changed. This woman is a schemer and my in-laws dance to her every tune because her husband is very rich.
My father in-law died recently and we all had to travel for the burial since he instructed not to be kept in the mortuary.
After the burial, a lot of things started to happen: they would hush once I come in to join in any discussion, they won’t allow me cook, if I as much as wash or help in preparing anything used in cooking it will be thrown away so I started staying away. I called my husband and told him and he encouraged me to stay for a few more days more before leaving.
An hour later, he called me back and said that I should be careful with his people that they called and told him to send me back to my father’s house, that I am diabolic.
On further enquiries, husbandman opened up. It turned out that I am being accused of placing egg and bread under their eldest brother’s car to cause an accident.
Until my husband told me about, it I didn’t know that such a thing happened. I then understood why they were avoiding me.
Since my childhood, besides movies, I don’t know what a native doctors house looks like.
They told my husband that they went to 3 different Dibias who all said I am their problem.
Now, they are preparing for Papa’s funeral rites and I don’t know anything that is happening and papa and I were very close till his death.
My mother in-law supports them while my husband and I are alone because my husband called their bluff and refused to send me packing. He is not around and I don’t know what to do.
I am the only one facing them all since he is abroad waiting for his papers to come out. I don’t know what to do.
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  • Confront it heads on by telling them what you heard and what they are accusing you of doing; by so doing they will either admit or deny it. Your keeping silent gives credence to the accusation.

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