Dear MIMsters: Why Is My Own Mother Sabotaging My Efforts?

Why is my own mother sabotaging my efforts?

I’m so upset that I don’t think words can console me. I’ve labored all my life for my mum and siblings since we lost our dad. I went through hell just to acquire an NCE.
I won’t tell a lie, through it all, my mum supported me with fees and sometimes I had to do one or two menial jobs to support myself and augment whatever she could provide.
After my program, I was favored and got a job with a bank. Seeing all we had been through and were still going through, I wore the worst clothes, ate terrible food and lived a horrible life to spend my salary every month for them to have a place to put their heads.
I was finally able to complete a 3 bedroom flat for them.
After that, shortly before I got married, I gave my mother money to buy some animals since we now have a place so she could rare but she didn’t buy them.
I still gave all I had left, 17 bags of maize to sell and made chairs for the house, she still hasn’t till date and she account for the money.
When I got married, I had nothing to fall back on and they all evaded me and treated me like nothing, always making me feel worthless. I ignored all of that because it’s family.
If anyone of them must ever visit me, I am required to send transport and if they must buy anything for me, I must send the money.
Why I’m crying bitterly right now is this: despite everything, from the little I was making from a trade I learnt, I started sending money to my own mother to save up for me at a cooperative so that I could start up a business after completely my degree without a job prospect in view.
I saved up to N400, 000. I was advised to learn a trade and use the money to establish myself. I asked the corporative I was saving with for 100k to pay for tailoring and get a machine to learn with. All my hope was on that 300k balance, its time to collect the money and I just found out that my mother has collected and used 150k from the money.
Why is my own mother sabotaging all my efforts? Why do I have to live in perpetual poverty yet their demands are never ending even though I don’t have a paid job? Whose mother will do such to her own child? All my plans have been shattered.

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