Flavour’s Alleged Baby Mama, Juliet Ehiemere, Opens A Can Of Worms On Their Alleged Affair

Recently, a Nigerian woman came out with claims that Igbo highlife singer, Flavour, is the father of her three year old daughter. The woman who gave her name as Juliet Ehiemere, claims she met the musician in 2015 and became pregnant for him, shortly after. (read the story Here).

She posted pictures of their alleged shared daughter, whose name she gave as Stephanie Chidinma Chinedu Okoli, and made it clear how difficult it has been, shouldering the responsibilities of raising ‘their’ daughter alone.

Juliet, in her Instagram post revealed that she is ready to face the consequences of her weighty allegation if a DNA test proves her claims wrong.

All she wants, according to her is for Flavour, who already has two daughters by two other women to come alive to his duties towards their daughter.

However, despite silence from the highlife singer, Julliet has decided to reveal more about their alleged romance, saying the singer actually brainwashed her with promises of heaven and earth just to get in between her legs.

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Read her full post:

“Those of you out there calling me names and a liar, for your information I wasn’t and I’m not a lose lady ok, @2niteflavour brainwashed and slept with me by promising me heaven and Earth, how he’s gonna marry me and esterblish my family, he even promised to buy me a car and a home, as long as I came through his friend that insurance covered me, won’t I like to be address as Mrs Flavour?

Immediately he set his eyes on me he was madly in love with me, he hasn’t seen any woman he loves the way he loved me in his life, he even vowed for me that he’ll never never marry another woman even if in his next lives to come but me, he called me so many petting names like Mrs Flavour, Ezigbo Nwanyi, Nwanyi Mara Obi Di Ya, he further sang a song for me saying” Where you go I’ll go, where you Lodge I’ll Lodge, your people will be my people and your God will be my God” he asked me the name I’ll call him which I told him Dim Oma, Best In The World Obi Nwunye Ya.

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He told me that he’ll make love to me without protection for me to be rest assured that I’m already his wife and Flavour slept with me without protection and I didn’t know that all he wanted was sex and now everybody is putting blame on my head alone.”

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