Jamaican Singer, Konshens Praises His Estranged Wife, Shares His Realisation About Good Women With Other Men

Jamaican singer, Garfield Spence, popularly known as Konshens, took to Instagram to react following news that his wife has dumped him. The Stay High singer praised his estranged wife Latoya Wright, who he married in 2017.  He revealed that she brought him the “greatest happiness”, counselled him, helped him grow and raised his daughter like her own. Yet he still found “so many ways” to make it “f*ck up”.

He went on to send a message to men. He told them to take a look at their lives and not let God take back his “blessing”. He added that they “grow as womanizers”, feel like money in their pocket is all, think only about themselves, and try to make up for it by being great in other areas. But he warned that this will not work and they will “lose and lose big”.

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He went on to thank his estranged wife for giving him the best years of his life. He apologized for “f*cking it up” and promised to fix his life and his head. He also promised to always be there for her, and he prayed that she will find “real happiness with someone deserving”.

He went on to reveal that he doesn’t want sympathy but wants to use his experience to teach others so that men who “clown” themselves can “wise up”. He also told women that he’s not available for a relationship now because he wants to focus on himself, his music, his kids, and on his mental health.

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You will wake up and grow up when she already gone. all she did was – Bring me the greatest happiness only rivaled by mi kids births. – stick by me no matter what and who going against me – Stop me from kill miself COUNTLESS times after mi bredda drop out an mi get fucking unstable. And counsel me when the world a come down pan mi. – Put up with Countless fuckery and handle it all with class and maintain respect and protect me image. – Love mi daughter like she is yours and grow her into a Lady. – Transform my mindset financially and show me seh the way i was handling money all those years was totally wrong. – Match me perfectly spiritually and physically – Partner with me in business and LIFE AND ME STILL FIND SO MANY WAYS FI MEK THIS FUCK UP. This is what happen when a likkle Jack get a QUEEN. This is a message to all men, step outa uself an look pan u life, look wat really important and dont mek Jah tek back him blessing. Mi no wah no sympathy, and yes i had to post this because a yasso mi vent mi have few frenz but none a mi fren dem nah go say “big pussy yuh nuh see seh yuh a fuck up yuh life”. Jus like how we nuh grow fi talk bout feelings an me did affi lose mi bredda fi know seh man have feelings, same suh we grow as womanizer and big likkle bwoy weh feel like money inna pocket is all,and think SELF SELF SELF and try mek up fi it by being great in other areas, anno suh it work. Yah go lose an lose BIG. Thank you very much @__latts__ best years of my life. Sorry me fuck it up. Mi aggo fix miself as a person and fix mi head to. And no matter where you go in life im going to be a call away watching and hoping you find real happiness wid sum1 deserving but i will be ready and waiting if u ever call. To all ladies i am NOT available and i dont want Nobody at all. Mi nah go depress unnu timeline mi jus a say dis publicly so everybody know wah kinda clown unnu deh yah a support an suh any man weh a clown demself can wise the fuck up now. Me aggo focus pan mi music an mi carreer, drop mi song dem an do mi work an go hard, focus pan mi kids and mi mental health and growth as a man an loww out bwoy life.

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