Single Mum & Actress, Queen Wokoma Opens Up On The Lessons From Her Failed Marriage

Divorced mum and actress, Queen Wokoma has opened up in a new interview on what her thoughts are on marriage. Wokoma welcomed her only child with her now estranged husband in September last year but the couple have now parted ways after less than two years of marriage.

Their much publicised separation got to a height a few months back when her estranged husband posted a suicide note on his social media, suggesting he was ending it all because of his failed marriage to actress.

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Speaking to a PUNCH correspondent, Wokoma said she was not surprised by the antic of her ex. She said:

“I wasn’t really surprised because it (her husband’s suicide note on social media) wasn’t something new. It became alarming when I woke up at midnight and saw so many missed call notifications on my phone.

I also got calls from my family members. I had to put a call through and make sure everybody was okay. When the story went viral, (I had been able to get across to people).”

On the lessons from her shortlived marriage, Wokoma said:

“Marriage taught me patience. One has to be patient with one’s partner. But if a union is at the expense of one’s life or that of one’s partner, then it’s not worth it.

I think we (ex-husband) were not compatible. Also, there are so many broken kids out there and they tend to grow with the hate. They pour hate out on people that love them. Those kinds of people don’t know and feel love. No matter how much one tries, one wouldn’t be able to convince them otherwise.

We didn’t spend much time in courtship and we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. I wasn’t patient enough but the heat was also much.

However, I’m still willing to give love a second chance.

I love children. I will give birth to as many children as I can and I’ll adopt too.”

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