Dear MIMsters: What I Have Decided To Do Since My Husband Has Never Supported My Dreams

My problem is I am married to a man who has never supported my dreams and aspirations.

 I grew up as a young lady full of life, hopes, dreams and aspirations. I got married to my hubby when he was a very young man.
When I met him I was working while he wasn’t doing bad for himself either. I dreamt of us working together and achieving all our dreams.
I love to travel. I also used to travel to a new place every year both locally and internationally. But when I got married, things took a different turn.
At first, he started complaining of my job, later, he advised me to quit and start a business which I did but he never gave me the support to help the business grow. I eventually had to shut down the business.
Later, I ventured into another business working from home which was a bad idea from his friend. That business also closed down. I decided to go get a job which he was not in support of.
I stayed at home for almost a year doing nothing and when I couldn’t take it no more, he suggested we run his business together to which I agreed. But the problem is that, it is not what I want for myself because sometimes he pays my salary and sometimes he doesn’t. If I don’t fight for it, he won’t pay me at all.
Now, I solely depend on him for everything which is not coooollllll at all for me. The job I do there is what an SSCE student can do, not challenging at all.
I have a sister who lives abroad and just this morning I told him I would love to visit her next year. He categorically told me that I am going nowhere. Said it is either I go with the children which is not possible or I divorce him and travel.
We have been married for 11 years with children. He does his best in taking care of his family and we don’t lack.
I ask myself for how long will I continue like this? I can’t do things I really want to do. I really can’t go out, I can’t even go get a job and if I object, it will lead to a fight.
I don’t want to continue living like this. I want my life to have a meaning and I want to be able to look back when I am old and say to myself; this is what I have achieved..

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