Caucasian Man, Andrew, Questions ‘Absurd’ Nigerian Law That Denies Him Citizenship Despite His Marriage To A Nigerian Woman

A Caucasian man identified as Andrew, took to his Twitter handle to lament about Nigerian laws frustrating him from becoming a citizen. Andrew, an expatriate, moved to Nigeria a few years back and married a Nigerian woman.

In his Twitter thread, he questioned the ‘absurdity’ of the Nigerian law that grants citizenship to a foreign national woman by virtue of marriage to a Nigerian man but the same law denied citizenship to a foreign national man who marries a Nigerian woman.

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Last year, the building expert had excitedly shared on the micro-blogging app, calling it a pleasure to have lived in Nigeria for over three years at the time. He also announced at the time that he had fallen in love with a Nigerian woman who was soon to be his wife.

He wrote:

“Introductions first. I am Andrew. It’s been my pleasure to have been in Nigeria now for 3 1/2 years. Where I have met my beautiful wife to be, so now I’m afraid you’re all stuck with me.”

Expressing his frustrations at having to leave the c,rountry for a couple of months because he was restricted by our laws are preventing him from becoming a citizen just by marriage. Andrew suggested that the law indirectly recognises Nigerian women as second class citizens and denies them the privilege granted to men.

He wrote:

“I may have to leave Nigeria for a few months because of the absurd law that I can’t use my Wife’s nationality to gain citizenship because she’s a woman. Yet if I were a Nigerian man. Marrying her would grant her the ability to gain citizenship here. Second class women.

And my contract is nearly over and I will need a new expatriate quota for my residency here.”

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