PR consultant, Tolulope Olorundero Gives Wise Counsel To Twitter User Who Advised Women To Not Date This Category Of Men

Twitter users are in agreement with PR consultant, Tolulope Olorundero after she replied wisely to another Twitter user’s post where the latter gave a rather shallow dating advice directed at women. Twitter user, @its_blis shared a photo of a well laid mattress on the floor of a room without a wooden bed frame and advised women not to date a guy whose mattress is on the floor because it means he’s not ready for marriage.

The tweet led to a debate and Tolulope posted her opinion drawn from her personal experience. According to her, she started her marital life sharing a student size orthopaedic matress with her husband.  They also put the matress on the floor because they could not afford a bed frame at the time.

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She went on to point out a number of reasons why @its_blis’s dating advice could be ill-informed and she earned the approval of other users on the app for her insight.

She wrote:

Started married life with 1 student-size orthopedic mattress. But it was ours. In our own space. If you choose to stay with a guy that’s same age/graduated together/started working same time… You most likely will have to build together, except he comes from a wealthy home.”

She added:

“Lolzz! Who makes all these silly rules sef? So, your boyfriend finished Uni a year ahead of you. 2 years later, you’re talking about marriage and you say he should not throw mattress on the floor. Do you want him to go and steal?!”

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