Relationship Talkative, Madam Kofo, Identifies And Corrects The Common Mistakes Married Women Make In Bed

There are several mistakes women make on bed according to a ‘Relationship Talkative’ called Madam Kofo. The Media & Publicity and Brand Influencer recently took to Twitter to post several hints on the mistakes women make on bed and the best way to enjoy sex maritally.

Madam Kofo advised married women to surprise their men with new styles, Google it if they have to, adding that it doesn’t hurt to take the ride sometimes instead of laying in bed like someone in the mortuary.

She went ahead to say it’s sad that some women don’t know the size of their man’s manhood and always wait for their spouse to initiate sex.

See her full twitter thread below…


1. Don’t be SILENT on bed Don’t be a mute wife on bed… Freely express yourself. You will achieve this when you are not shy. Don’t just lay on the bed like a dead wood, it makes him think he is not digging deep. Talk dirty etc

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2. Introduce new styles, learn new styles, surprise him, Google it, stop laying on bed as if you are in the mortuary, sometimes go on top of him, ride him like never before, lick everywhere.

3. NO ATTEMPT TO INITIATE SEX Why is it that most woman always ask hubby for money but finds it difficult to ask for this sweet thing called SEX. Tell your man that u wanna ride him tonight or you need to be screwed. Have a coded slang, use your eyes and contact him.

4, SHYNESS Most women are just too shy to the extent of finding it difficult to undress in front of their men. They will only like to make love at night without light. Some women have not seen the size of their hubby’s penis They only feel it.

It’s sad that, a lot of women don’t know the size of their Husband’s penis, be a prostitute on bed with your husband, play with him, touch him, initiate sex , don’t wait for him to ask for it.

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5, Be neat always, shave always unless he likes it bushy, but ensure its clean and smells good, make use of your deodorant, avoid carrying your hair for too long to avoid some offensive smell, brush your mouth, wear good and clean under wears.

Ladies Vagina has a special scent that a man can scent and the eyes of his penis will open and start crying to touch. But when he enters there and perceive an offensive odour, it will irritate him and his small brother will be weak.

Please Keep that place very neat and clean.

*Shave off bushy hair

*Treat and prevent infection

*Eat good food and fruit

*Above all stay healthy.”

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