Blogger Mom-Of-2, Blessing Okoro Identifies 10 Reasons Why Her Previous Marriage Failed

Nigerian blogger, Blessing Okoro has finally opened up on why her marriage to her ex-husband failed. The relationship therapist and controversial blogger is a single mother of two who has had an unpleasant relationship with men.

Domestic violence is an issue plaguing many couples and marriages in Africa and using Nigeria as an example, it has led to the death of many innocent women as well as trauma for the children who grew up experiencing it.

Progressively lately, the issue of domestic violence is gradually gaining grounds on social media trying to create awareness, limiting the menace and it has also become a topic to discuss openly.

The blogger recently posted on her Instagram page to share with us how she suffered domestic violence at the hands of her first husband.

Stated by Miss Okoro, her husband beat her up into a coma just a week after their wedding. She said in one of the videos shared to her Instagram account:

“One week after our wedding, he beat me to coma.”

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Explaining her abusive marriage further, Okoro stated that when her ex-husband beat her to a coma, his mother told her that he would do it again. It’s so sad how we still have women who stand by their abusive sons.

Blessing, who once disclosed that she got married at the age of 19, added that she is lucky to have had witnesses, the times her ex allegedly beat her. She said the first time it happened, her siblings had come over for holiday and they witnessed it.
Sharing another video, she wrote: “He beat me to coma and his mum said he will hit me again. 4th reason my previous marriage failed.”

Followers sympathised with her but some refused to be sympathetic and they brought up the mansion scandal she had with Onye Eze (read here) earlier this year.

She also said in another video that he beat her “to the altar” on their wedding day because she refused to pack plates. She wrote:

“No 3 . He beat me to the alter. Why my previous marriage failed.”

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One of her bridesmaids also corroborated the story, writing: “Memories…. , I remember your words that night when you were crying… ” my father warned me”

Watch her reveal why her marriage ended in the video below:

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4th reason my previous marriage failed .

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