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Inspirational: How A Nigerian Grandma Bagged Her PhD After Having Four Kids

‘If your dreams are big enough, there’s no stopping you’ is a valid assertion for a Nigerian mum, also a  grandma who has just earned a PHD.

A mum has taken to her Twitter handle, @sophiebello to celebrate her own mother, now a grandmother for bagging a Doctorate degree after having four kids, Sophie and her siblings. According to her, the grandma enrolled for a first degree program while she (sophie) was in the University.

The grandma’s inspirational story was shared on Twitter by her daughter, Sophie, who said her mum’s latest achievement has affirmed her belief that dreams are valid.

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She also shared that her mother despite the rigours of her academics was a dutiful grandmother who assisted a lot when she welcomed her newborn. Sophie shared also that her mum was hands on with the house chores as she herself eased into her new role as a mum.

After a long day caring for her daughter (Sophie) and grandchild, the grandmum would often stay up late to work on her thesis.

Read her tweets below; 

When I see my mom, I know that dreams are valid! Went back to school after 4 kids. She started her B.S.C while I was also in the Uni too.

She enrolled for her masters & got her M.S.C. I am proud to announce she just got her P.H.D! Dr. Bukola Bello! Put some respect on that name!

I remember when I had my first baby. My mom would back her till she sleeps, then carry her computer & work on her thesis!

She would sleep late & still help out with my babies/house chores. This woman worked hard. I pray that she reaps the fruit of her labour in Jesus name.

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