Ex-Presidential Aide And Proud Dad, Reno Omokri Has Some Hard Truth For This Category Of Parents

Nigerian author and dad-of-two, Reno Omokri is not one to insist on popular opinions when he chooses to air his views on any subject.

In one of his recent RenosNuggets on Twitter, the popular social media commentator shared an advise with parents that it is better to have quality children instead of having quantity (many) children.

The preacher went on to counsel parents that making their children a social security for their (parents) old age is a wrong mentality adding that parents who truly love their kids usually have investments to secure their kids’ future.

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See his Tweet below…

”It is wrong to have children because you want kids. Kids are not pets, like dogs or cats. The only reason to have kids is because you are PREPARED for them. If you have no job or source of income, having kids becomes a wickedness instead of a joy.

It is impossible to love your children without having investments to secure their future. Your kids are not social security for your old age. Even if your parents didn’t do it for you, do it for your children. Have quality kids, not quantity kids.”

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