Single Mom, Uche Ogbodo Reveals What Her Hopes Are Regarding Marriage And Having More Kids

One of Nollywood’s leading women, Uche Ogbodo, in a recent interview has opened up on her wish to have a complete family with a man she loves wholeheartedly and experience what true marriage feels like.

During the recent interview with New Telegraph, the actress denied allegations of ever being married to the father of her daughter adding that she would love to have more kids. The single hot mom of one told the News Outlet:

“I have never been married and I will love to experience what true marriage feels like. I would love to have a complete family with a man I love wholeheartedly. And have more Children.

I will love to have two more children by God’s grace. I already have one as a Single Mum. If it pleases God I want two more with a man who loves me.”

Uche Ogbodo shocked her fans months ago when she released some nude pictures to mark her 33rd birthday, which trended on the Nigerian digital space.

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Reacting to the controversy surrounding the nude birthday photoshoot, the Enugu state-born said:

“I have been in this entertainment industry for over a decade, and if you follow my brand you will see that I am not one to do what others do. I am in my own lane. I set my own trends, from my hair to my appearance, to my Personality. I can never copy anyone. People copy me. I set trends and they follow. I don’t follow trends.

So it’s absurd to say I did my nude photo shoot because others did it. Please go back and check the dates, you will see I gave the others mind to feel comfortable in their bodies.

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I did it first and they followed suit. My brand is about strength and courage, will power to be yourself and express yourself freely, especially women who are insecure about themselves due to fear the society has infringed in them. I give hope to the hopeless and a voice to the Mute! Speak your truth! It is after all your truth!”

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