7 Self-Care Tips For Expecting Mums

Motherhood changes everything. Or should we say everything changes even before you become a mum. When you realise you are expecting is a truly exciting time, but also it can be a tricky phase filled with a mix of different emotions as anxiety, excitement, strength, and weakness, all at once.

In all, this phase is a truly special period, one in which you must pay complete attention to your body, it could be talking to you the loudest this time. Science seems to affirm that external stimulus can shape the brain and personality of a child even before he is born. Science writer,  Annie Murphy Paul spoke very recently about “What we learn before we’re born” in  a TED Talk.

For this reason and more, it becomes imperative that the mother makes a conscious decision to make her own well-being a top priority throughout the special months.

Here are 7 self-care tips for every expectant mom who wants to do her best – for herself and her youngling.

1. Get Help

Pregnancy is hard work, period. Carrying a growing human inside of you will literally stretch you. Do not assume that everyone understands what you are going through.

Don’t fall into the trap of expecting people to read your mind. Ask for help, even if it is your partner, a stranger or your health care provider during or outside your antenatal visits.

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2. Get Your Sleep

Your changing body systems as an expecting mum could make you fall sleep a lot more less. But that area is about to get worse when your baby eventually arrives. If you even get 3 straight hours of sleep, you should be grateful.

Despite the backaches and never-ending trips to the loo, you must find a way to get good sleep. Try small changes like sleeping an hour earlier every day, napping in the afternoons or getting help so you can sleep in during the mornings.

3. Stay Hydrated

As simple as it sounds, drinking water can save us a lot of grief.  Experts say that not getting enough water can make you tired and irritable and being tired and grumpy is definitely what you have had enough of, at this point (Talk about the hormones!)

You can set up little reminders on your phone, or at least always have a bottle of water close by.

4. Be Kind To Yourself

You should try your best to communicate happy vibes to your unborn baby. Treat yourself to that small slab of chocolate, shop for a lovely dress or get pampered in a spa or just enjoy a lunch-out with your girlfriends, whatever makes you relax.

5. Eat Healthy

The gestation period can feel like an eternal fatigue zone. With your body adjusting to the rapid changes and preparing for even greater changes, making every meal as nutritious as possible is literally the shortcut back to health.

Also, don’t forget to take your multivitamins for the extra boost. That’s not to say, you can not heed to your cravings, but moderation is key.

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6. Get Some Exercise:

Nothing stressful, light exercises including just walking up or down the staircase can be good, meditation and moderate physical activity will keep you energised.

7.  Build Your Own Support Group

The journey to motherhood can sometimes be lonely. Look for opportunities to get out and connect with other expecting parents. It will present you (and your fresh bundle) with possibilities of making friends for life, and make the journey a lot easier.

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