US Politician, James Clyburn Shares How He Met His Wife Of 58 Years

James E. Clyburn, an American politician of the Democratic Party serving as House Majority Whip, took to Twitter to share his love story and social media users approve! The Majority Whip representing South Carolina’s 6th District gleefully shared that he met his wife, Emily Clyburn for the first time while he was in jail. The 69-year-old father-of-three said Emily not only gave him food; she also ate with him while he was in jail.

At the time, James had been arrested during a civil rights march and that was the place in which he met, Emily. He thought Emily was just being kind to him but he later found out that she knew him all along and had been plotting to meet him.

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He tweeted:

“I met my wife in jail after being arrested during a civil rights march. She brought me food and shared a hamburger with me.

Turns out, she knew who I was and had been plotting to meet me for some time. We were married for 58 years.”

James Clyburn’s wife, Emily Clyburn died in September 2019 after 58 years of marriage, and at the age of 80. A Columbia, SC street has been renamed in her memory. James

Clyburn’s tweet narrating how he met his wife has gone viral after being liked by over 59. 4 K Twitter users.

See the screenshot:

"I met my wife in jail" US politician shares his love story

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