See If You Agree To Author/Dad, Reno Omokri’s Take On The Things That Count For Infidelity In A Marriage

Not one to insist on popular opinions when he has a conviction on any subject, Nigerian author and dad-of-two, Reno Omokri has recently described adultery, and it transcends what many people would often describe it as.

In one of his recent #RenosNuggets shared via his Instagram handle, the ex-presidential aide highlighted actions that make for an adulterer, and it doesn’t matter if they are not sleeping with anyone other than their wedded spouse.

In his post, he shared that honouring or giving respect to your pastor, in-law, or friends, above your spouse qualifies any married person as an adulterer.

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When you consult other people first before your partner, whatever your intent, and no matter the subject, Reno says that qualifies as adultery.

Read his full post below:

”Adultery is not only when you have extramarital intercourse. As a married person, when you honour, respect and obey your pastor, in law or friend above your spouse, you adulterate your marriage and undermine spousal unity.

2 is company. 3 is a crowd. You are offered a job, you go and consult your friend before your spouse. You don’t honour your husband, but you kneel down to talk to your pastor on the phone.

Your parents and siblings know things before your spouse. Are you really married or is your spouse just a convenience?”

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