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Single Mum, Sandra Iheuwa Debates Celebrity Mum, Toyin Lawani’s Stance On Blocking Men From Getting Access To Their Kids When a Relationship Turns Sour

Sandra Iheuwa, the alleged fourth baby mama of music executive, Ubi Franklin has reacted to Toyin Lawani’s Instagram post calling on women and especially single mums to desist from the habit of hoarding their shared kids away from their estranged partners as punishment when a relationship goes bad.

In the mentioned post, Toyin stated that women who do such must come to terms with the fact that they can not replace their child’s father, no matter how hard they try.

Reacting to the stylist’s Instagram post, Sandra Iheuwa whose sour relationship with Franklin, the alleged father of her youngest child is widely known stated that some women do not block kids from their dads, it is their dads who choose to not be in their child’s life, adding a #truestory hashtag.

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She further added that if the man doesn’t want to be a participating parent, it’s best he stays away as a child is better off that way.

Sandra wrote;

‘Some women do not block kids from their dad, some men just don’t want to be in their child’s life or have love for them to even see or hold them even at birth and after birth……

if the man doesn’t want to be a participating parent it’s best he stays where he is and stays away because at times the kids will be better off without such father… can’t force them to parent. #truestory”

Some men just don

Some men just don

In a rejoinder comment after being told that the man may not be avoiding the child but the mother of the child who might be dramatic, she insisted that the father is avoiding the child irrespective of how the mom behaves.

Sandra wrote;

”The father is avoiding the child irrespective of how the mom behaves there are other avenues of seeing or being in the child’s life if the father doesn’t want to deal with the mother for whatever reason.

There is no excuse whatsoever the father can call the mother chat with her all day but never for once ask about the child or schedule a day to see the child.

You haven’t dealt with this kind of men before they will create excuses upon excuses for no seeing their own child. If the woman was dramatic or whatever why then release inside her and get her pregnant? ? it takes 2 to tangle.

Some women are not the problem here. You haven’t met a dead beat and you do you will understand”

See the screenshot: 

Some men just don

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