Amazing Story Of How ‘Priceless’ IVF Baby Was Born To UK Mum, Rebecca Brown

A UK nurse has finally become a parent after she had her “priceless” baby girl through IVF. There’s nothing new about having a child through IVF, you might say; but Rebecca Brown’s story is a little more special.

Rebecca, 39, was told by doctors she should have children “sooner rather than later” if she wanted to be a mother. Brown  had been warned about having kids by her doctors after they found out that she had pre-cancerous cells in her cervix.

Single and also having to cough up funds to help her become a mother, the determined Nottingham hospital nurse had fate on her side, as she had some funds kept aside as her share from a jackpot her family won in 2016.

Rebecca gave birth to her “priceless” daughter after putting her share of a £1m family lottery win towards IVF treatment.  Sun UK reports that with the help of a donor, she had a girl-child at the Nottingham hospital, a baby she named Priceless.

For the IVF to take place, the nurse had to shell out a whopping amount of £12,000 (N5,692,453.74) from her £250,000 (N118,597,305) share of the family lottery money.

Rebecca said she is still very much surprised by the experience. She also said that she cried a bit and never for once thought that her pursuit of having a kid of her own will be this successful.

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