Inspirational: Grandma, Linda Herring Who Fostered Over 600 Kids & Never Turned Any Child Away Gets Honoured By Her Community

Raising one child is no mean feat, raising more than one child takes even a greater toll but what about raising 600 different children that do not belong to you; loving and caring for them equally, and never turning back anyone?  One woman committed the better part of her life to caring for needy children that she could have easily turned away from. Linda Faye Herring, a 75-year-old woman has been honoured for raising over 600 kids as a foster mum.
The kind-hearted grandma got recognition for her 50-year-long selfless and unpaid service by the Johnson County Department of Human Services’ Board of Supervisors who said she always welcomes kids.

In the five decades that she has been fostering children, she has never turned anyone back, always caring for them even when others failed them. Raising a child is not an easy task, let alone having to raise children. Linda Herring, a 75-year-old woman, possesses a bigger grace in that regard as she brought up over 600 children in 50 years with equal love and care.

Linda Faye Herring

Sun UK reports that the woman gave her adulthood all to fostering kids in Johnson County, Iowa, as she never rejected anyone.
She became so popular as the woman who never turned any child away from her door regardless of their race, gender or needs. Sometimes, she would even travel to get them into her fold.
Linda’s story became world-known when she received an honour from the Johnson County Department of Human Services’ Board of Supervisors for looking after more than 600 kids in the community.
The appreciation letter was shared on the official twitter handle of the county as they spoke about how they sometimes called her even in the middle of the night and she never rejected taking any child on that ground.
According to the county, Linda has been fostering children with “special medical needs”. In her home, bins filled with clothes arranged according to size and gender could be seen.
”The Board of Supervisors, Department of Human Services and a standing room only crowd recognized Linda Faye Herring last night for nearly five decades of serving as a foster parent to more than 600 children in #JohnsonCountyIA.”
The official Twitter handle of the County wrote.
She has always worked with the philosophy that even if love fails the children elsewhere, they could always come to her to be given good care. Linda’s granddaughter, Amber Herring, also spoke about how her large heart always put everyone before herself.

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