Dear MIMsters: Help! My Husband Has Unknowingly Made A Puppet Out Of Me

Help! My husband has unknowingly made a puppet out of me. I used to think I am a very tough woman but been married to the kind of man that my husband is has broken all of my bones. Am I truly a fool like people are suggesting me to be?

I met my husband 10 years ago. We’ve been married for 6 years and we’re blessed with three amazing kids. Yet, my marriage is still fresh and rosy like when we just met.

This man has finished me because of love that I never knew I had become his mumu until some bad belle people started drawing my attention to it.

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For this kind of man, I will humbly become his Fool because he deserves it a million times over. Can you believe that as I am, I don’t have a penny in my account and guess what? I don’t care. I mean what is the point when I have the internet banking App of both his personal and corporate accounts installed on my phone with their passwords and tokens handed over to me and I have access to money anytime I need it.

I have driven 6 cars in these 6 years of marriage as he changes my car every year. This year’s car was just purchased 3 weeks ago. Meanwhile, I have a well furnished fashion house but still, he doesn’t want me stressing myself by going over there and foolishly, I have obeyed him.

He wakes up as early as 4:30 a.m to prepare the kids for school and before I wake up by 5:30, he’s done. Then, he will ask me to go back to bed and wait till 7 a.m to drive them to school. He cooks, does the laundry, cleans and babysits the kids even without me asking him to. Most times, I feel bad about these but he will ask me if I was the one who asked him to do it.

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He bought his car in my name and his properties too. The receipt of every single furniture in the house carries my name on it. What kind of man is this? At times, I wonder if he’s even human. I know some of you will say he’s doing all these because he’s cheating on me but guess what? That is a blatant lie! I can vouch for him with my life that he has never cheated on me.

I have a lot of excesses, in fact, most times, I can be unbearable even to myself but even in my worst moments, he will remain calm with a smile. Never for once have I seen my dear husband angry with anyone. He’s so gentle and patient, in fact his own patience is limited edition. When people who are owing him refuse to pay and I’m breathing out fire and brimstone, all he will say to me is, “babe let him be please, people will die but money will remain, don’t kill yourself over what you can’t take to the grave”.

Oh less I forget, someone on my street once told me that people are saying I have given my husband vegetable (voodoo) to eat. See me see wahala, me who doesn’t know the road to any Alfa’s house, let alone a babalawo (voodoo priest).

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How else can I show my appreciation to my husband if not by being his FOOL? Someone who makes sure to stay by my side all the way, even when I’m birthing the kids. During my pregnancies, we would go shopping for the children together and attend every antenatal clinic together. He doesn’t go anywhere without me and vice versa, till I had to stop him from taking me along with him to his office. There are so many things that I can’t write here.

Now tell me, how do I become rebellious to this kind of man? What is the need to inflate the prices of things just to make extra cash off him? I have never cheated him nor on him and I never will because I will be left with my conscience to wrestle with. Is it wrong for me to be submissive to this kind of man? How can it be wrong? Am I truly being a fool like people are suggesting me to be?

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