Public Outrage As Nigerian Parents Of Critically Ill Baby Are Boycotting Medical Help Because Their Jehovah Witness Faith Is Against Blood Transfusion

Nigerians on social media are outraged following the release of a video showing a Nigerian father refusing medical assistance for his ailing daughter, Precious, just because his church, Jehovah’s Witness, is against blood transfusion.

The video was shared by activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, who met with the parents in Sapele, Delta state. Little Precious suffers from Hydrocephalus and might need blood transfusion if a surgery is carried out on her.

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Her father in a chat with Harrison, said he is not opposed to medical help for his daughter but what he will never consent to is for a blood transfusion to be done on his 1 year and 7 months old daughter.

”We in Jehovah’s witnesses, we don’t take blood. I would not want to transfuse blood into the child.

We will not accept blood transfusion. If in the course of surgery they would transfuse blood in the child, we would not want that.

I don’t want my baby to die but that is our faith”

he said.

Watch a video of the father refusing blood transfusion below:

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LIFE OR SPIRITUALITY? My day has been ruined by this little 1year 7months old baby's predicament in the hands of her Jehovah 's Witness parents who are religious fanatics that always locked 🔒 indoors alone because of her health challenge. Today, Sapele Olofofo Unugbragada led me to see her. 😭 😭
She's suffering from Hydrocephalus and the parents have vehemently opposed all pleas to carry out surgery on the baby citing religious belief. No responsible and responsive government will fold its arms and allow any parent or guardian to act ignorantly on religious grounds in a way that would be life threatening to a citizen, especially their children or wards. We will use every legal action to rescue the child from them and bring her back to life… Your opinion is also needed as the baby needs urgent medical care. #LetsSaveThisChild #EmancipateYourselfFromMentalSlavery

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